I understand the challenges of running a business and leading happy, productive teams. I have worked for companies with bad cultures, and as an entrepreneur, I have built a culture from scratch several times. 25+ years of owning and running businesses has taught me a lot. Most of it, I learned the hard way, but over time I got it figured out.

Although my degree may be in accounting, I quickly learned that I enjoy much more about business than just keeping the books. I loved making an impact on the lives of the people that worked with me. My goal has always been to create a workplace that people enjoy coming to every day. We all love our off-time or going on vacation with our families, but we as human beings are designed to work. When you work a job that matches your skills and in a culture that treats you with respect and honor and pushes you to be all you can be, life becomes much more fulfilling.

When you ask someone what they like about their job, the people are usually the first thing that comes up. This is why business culture is so important. People can tolerate work they don’t like a lot more than they can tolerate a culture that is unhealthy. It is our responsibility as leaders to make sure we create that environment that people will thrive in. I firmly believe that if we create a positive business culture for our employees, we send them home a better spouse/parent/friend and impact the lives of generations to come.

As you can see from all the pictures, I love car racing – from racing karts and attending racing schools, to receiving my racing license and racing in the Skip Barber Racing Series. I enjoy all the lessons I’ve learned from racing and learning how to handle a car on the edge. Performing at that level takes complete focus, as does keeping your company culture on track. It’s not always easy, but creating and fostering your culture is absolutely imperative in order to achieve a winning business.

With so much at stake and countless pieces to juggle all at once, we as leaders can quickly lose sight of what is most important – our people. Just like in racing, your business can suddenly shift off track if your focus veers away from the culture. Let me use my experience – both on and off the race track – to guide you through the process of creating the business culture you’ve imagined in your mind.

I never thought I would learn so much about running a business from racing cars. Two of my favorite things that are seemingly polar opposites coincide more than I could have imagined. I’m always ready to have a conversation about either topic!