Helping your company culture get on track by creating happy owners & happy employees

What is Driving Happiness at Work?

Driving Happiness at Work is an organization geared towards leaders who want to learn how to build an empowering culture
Whether you have been leading for some time and want to take your culture and leadership to the next level or have just acquired a company that needs a culture overhaul.

We will train you to:

  • Be A Leader People Love to Follow
  • Create a Company where People want to come to Work on Monday Morning


My belief on training is that it should be practical and something you can apply immediately. I don’t want you to walk away with theories or concepts, I want you to have something that you do the following day that can improve your leadership and culture.


Coaching is the “secret sauce” for helping to implement training. We have all left a training with great intent on implementing a variety of new ideas. With coaching, you have a partner to not only hold you accountable but also to help you customize the ideas to your style and help you navigate the
complexity of leadership.


Sometimes you just need someone to come and point you in the right direction. I can come along side you and your team, helping you decide what you want your culture to look like, evaluating where you are now and helping lead you to create what you have pictured in your mind.

culture tips

The average Formula 1 lap falls around 1 min and 26 seconds. My goal is to share a good culture tip within that same amount of time.