High Rev Leadership Training

February 22-24, 2023
May 17-19, 2023



($1,600 if registered 10 weeks prior to workshop)

3 Day Event in Oklahoma City

High Rev Leadership is a practical 3-day workshop designed to assist new or current leaders become the leader people love to follow. We don’t just cover theories of leadership. We will access the tools needed to gain the awareness and the experience of what real leadership looks like at the ground level. Participants will walk away with a step-by-step guide and a better understanding of what leadership really is.

Workshop Takeaways

  • Self-Awareness
  • 3 Keys to great leadership
  • How to build trust with your team
  • How to listen to your team
  • Self-Care
  • 3 Reasons people quit
  • How to create a great culture
  • How to give feedback
  • Leadership presence
  • Vision, Mission and Purpose statements
  • Working Genius
  • Financial Literacy
  • Community Involvement
  • Frank’s Top 10 rules for leaders
  • Leadership Guide
  • Free coaching session certificate ($500 value)

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I can only begin to describe how grateful I am for this opportunity. I am better mentally, professionally, spiritually and emotionally. I felt like a new person. This class is by far one of the best I’ve attended in a long time.

Terrell Jackson

High Rev Leadership training was a great experience to have. I’m sure we didn’t see all of the details in how this came together! Thank you!

Frank’s leadership class is a must-have for all leaders! From anyone just stepping into a leadership role to someone who has been in management a long time. The tools he provides are invaluable and so practical. I am definitely leaving his class a much better leader both professionally and personally!

Chelsea Scott

…I was caught off guard that it was a lot more personal introspection then educational lecture but it was great!

Grant Johnson

This class is a thoughtful and special approach to leadership. Frank will challenge you and help you grow to be an intentional leader.
Michelle Martell

The training is inclusive, engaging and worth attending. The curriculum and structure of the training is well defined and presented in such a way that helps new leaders gather the tools to be successful and one that existing leaders can be re-energized from.
Artisha Woody

It was an exceptional experience I am truly grateful for!
Cassandra Collins

I was expecting a great professional development workshop, what I got was the best professional AND personal development course I’ve ever been through.

Ryan Bright

Learning about self-awareness and self-care was life changing. Frank did a great job explaining why it was so important to have self-orientation and how it affects our teams. The question “what is your purpose” was unclear in the beginning but after 3 days, it is now clear. Thank you!

Great experience and glad I didn’t miss it. This has empowered me and given me tools to help myself and my team. It was clear and concise and makes it easy to implement. Thank you!

Prefer to register by mail? Download the Registration Form