What I Do

I train leaders how to create a safe environment where people can flourish and businesses have a chance to thrive.

Primary Services

  • Keynote Speaking
  • Leadership Training
  • Culture Development
  • Purpose/Vision/Mission/Core Value Development
  • Facilitating Offsite or Planning Meetings

Training Offerings

  • 3-DAY HIGH REV LEADERSHIP WORKSHOP: internally for your leaders or purchase a seat in a workshop open to the public


  • PACE LAP: designed for creating better self-awareness
    • Half Day:
      • Self-Awareness
      • Self-Care
      • Visioning
    • Full Day (adds the following to the Half Day topics):
      • Personal Purpose Statement
      • Working Genius Assessment
      • Personal Seal
    • Half Day:
      • Leadership Basics
      • 3 Reasons People Quit
      • Trust Equation
    • Full Day (adds the following to the Half Day topics):
      • Culture Basics
      • Frank’s Top 10 for Business
      • Q&A

I can also develop custom services to fit your company’s and employees’ unique needs.