What I Do

I train leaders how to create a safe environment where people can flourish and businesses have a chance to thrive.

Primary Services

  • Coaching
  • Keynote Speaking
  • Leadership Training
  • Culture Development
  • Purpose/Vision/Mission/Core Value Development
  • Facilitating Offsite or Planning Meetings

Individual Coaching

(ideal for anyone; not just Executives)
Standard package includes 12, one-hour sessions, usually every 2 weeks for 6 months.

Sessions can be done via zoom or in-person, depending on your location.

Half-Day Coaching

(ideal for your entire Senior Leadership Team)

Standard package includes 2 half days a month (8 hours total) to use for coaching, training or a combination of both; it’s completely customizable to cover your needs. Examples include; 4 people receiving 2, one-hour coaching sessions per month, 8 people receiving 1, one-hour coaching session per month or 2, four-hour training sessions per month.

Sessions can be done via zoom or in-person, depending on your location.


All of the individual sections listed below are also available individually in 60-90 minutes trainings for your team. I can also develop custom services to fit your company’s and employees’ unique needs.

High Rev Leadership

This is our premium culture building event. This highly interactive workshop not only covers all elements needed to be a leader people love to follow, but uses the tools I believe are essential to build great culture. Using these tools, you will actually see the participants create an intentional culture over the 3 days. This is the most practical leadership training you will attend. See testimonials >>

Hire me to conduct the workshop internally for your leaders or purchase seats in a workshop open to the public.

Culture Supercharger Workshop

In this half day workshop for Senior Leaders we will discuss the 16 components that make up your culture. We will then take time to develop language around each of these for your company. It is critical for you to have consistent language and vision for each of these so that information is communicated through the organization in an intentional way. People will compare what they are hearing with others in the organization and any differences they become aware of will erode trust. Trust is the key to employee engagement which is the purpose of your business culture. 

Leadership Crash Course

The perfect half day or full day training for those that can’t take the time for the 3 day High Rev Workshop. This is a great class for current leaders or those in your organization that are thinking about taking on a leadership role but may not understand what they are stepping into. We will hit the highlights of the 3 day workshop:

Half Day

  • Leadership Basics
  • 3 Reasons People Quit Their Leaders
  • Building Trust

Full Day

(adds the following to the Half Day topics):

  • Culture Basics
  • Hardest Parts of Leadership
  • Listening
  • Q&A

Pace Lap

This training is designed to help you understand yourself better (self awareness) so you can better understand others (social awareness). Leadership and Business culture are all about alignment. This class helps individuals understand where they are going so they can better solve alignment issues moving forward. It is the perfect training for your entire staff.

Half Day

  • Self Awareness
  • Self Care
  • Visioning – What is your 5 year plan?

Full Day

(adds the following to the Half Day topics):

  • Personal Purpose Statement
  • Working Genius Assessment
  • Personal Seal – an engaging way to learn about your team and help them accomplish what is important to them


– The Feedback Workshop

This 2 hour workshop is a hands on training designed for your team to better understand the benefits and impact of good feedback. We will ease into learning to accept feedback in a creative way and then make practical applications so everyone understands what types of feedback are helpful and which ones are not.