High Rev Leadership Training

August 21-23, 2024


The Ambassador (in Oklahoma City)


Early Bird:  $1,700 (Deadline: July 10, 2024)

Full Cost:  $1,900 (Deadline: August 1, 2024)

3 Day Event in Oklahoma City

High Rev Leadership is a practical 3-day workshop designed to assist new or current leaders become the leader people love to follow. We don’t just cover theories of leadership. We will access the tools needed to gain the awareness and the experience of what real leadership looks like at the ground level. Participants will walk away with a step-by-step guide and a better understanding of what leadership really is.

Workshop Takeaways

  • Self-Awareness
  • 3 Keys to great leadership
  • How to build trust with your team
  • How to listen to your team
  • Self-Care
  • 3 Reasons people quit
  • How to create a great business culture
  • How to give feedback
  • The Hardest Parts of Leadership
  • Vision, Mission and Purpose statements
  • Working Genius
  • The Great Game of Business
  • How to have productive meetings
  • Frank’s Top 10 list for leaders
  • Leadership Guide
  • Free coaching session certificate ($500 value)

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Thank you for this memorable and impactful learning experience. So many wonderful tools with practical ideas and how to use them. I can’t wait to share them with our leadership team. I want to Drive Happiness at Work and influence culture and now I feel equipped to do it!!!

Lori Mueller

The education and affirmation that comes from this program is invaluable. I would even say that this program is therapeutic for leaders in need of personal realignment. Thank you, Frank! You’ve got a servant heart!

Tasneen Al-Michael

Driving Happiness At Work re-ignited the passion for me to be a leader and push myself to continue growth both professionally and personally.
Blake McArter

I really enjoyed the entire experience.  The material is eye-opening and relevant.  I can’t wait to start implementing what I have learned.  Frank is very engaging.

John Wright

I can only begin to describe how grateful I am for this opportunity. I am better mentally, professionally, spiritually and emotionally. I felt like a new person. This class is by far one of the best I’ve attended in a long time.

Terrell Jackson

Sometimes you need the words to describe your goals. You need someone to say something that makes you say “Aha!” This class hits something you need to hear as a leaders or potential leader! I strongly suggest this class!
Emily Harden

This leadership training provided the jolt I needed to operate in my zone of genius. I realized I had all of the tools to be a leader, I just needed the courage and framework to do so. 10/10 recommend this training not just for managers but any employee looking to better define their potential as a leader

Skyla Parker

High Rev Leadership should be required for every leader in every organization! The value add is far and above the cost of time and resources to participate. How might organizations improve their employee experience…? By investing in leaders in this way!
Kendra Loper

The biggest eye opening leadership course I have attended in 20+ years. Great course! I will recommend it to all my colleagues.

Albert Rangel

High Rev Leadership has helped me shift into a more self-aware mindset that will help me drive my team more effectively.
Bryce Clark

Heartland Payment Systems

…I was caught off guard that it was a lot more personal introspection then educational lecture but it was great!

Grant Johnson

The training is inclusive, engaging and worth attending. The curriculum and structure of the training is well defined and presented in such a way that helps new leaders gather the tools to be successful and one that existing leaders can be re-energized from.
Artisha Woody

I loved this class! This class has allowed me the opportunity to grow in mindset and business knowledge that I am immediately capable of implementing in my life and organization. I enjoyed it thoroughly!
Caleb King-Kelly

S.O.U.L. Mission, The University of Oklahoma


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the class. It was exactly what I needed to help me get from survival mode back to creative mode. I have shared changes that we are going to implement with my team and they are all very excited and impressed with what I learned. I will definitely recommend the class to others. It was wonderful.


Lindsay Insomya

I hate these things… Out of the office for 3 WHOLE days… nothing is really going to change. WRONG! The interaction of peers around the coaching brilliance with Frank, turned the lights on for me! I didn’t know I needed some RIGHT NOW PRACTICAL help. Thanks for sneaking up on me!
DesJean Jones

I’ve attended a multitude of leadership conferences throughout my life; High Rev Leadership provided so many practical tools that can be implemented immediately.  I wish I would have taken this training years ago!

Dierdre McCool

Frank definitely pushes you outside of your comfort zone in this class! I’m walking away from it with a better understanding of myself and how I can be a better leader

Sharon Ross

Oklahoma’s Credit Union

I came to this class not knowing much of what was expected. I found it to be very helpful and it helped me learn a lot about myself and how to deal with others. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone who wants to advance themselves!
Eldon Colston

Lopez-Dorada Foods

Frank and his team have given this workshop every thought! From the team guiding us in the parking lot on the first day, to the tiny details in the room (sanitizer, gum, candy, all the drinks, room to stand). But beyond the details that make the time comfortable, the workshop could easily be renamed: Everything you need to know for great leadership! We covered so much! It’s introspective. It’s challenging. It’s foundational. It’s transformative. If you were going to build a strong house with a strong foundation, you would receive all the tools you need to build it and the confidence to make it your own.
Regina Lane

This was the best management/leadership training I have ever received. It is loaded with practical examples rather than only theory. I wish I had received it earlier in my leadership journey.
Karen Sneed


Prefer to register by mail? Download the Registration Form